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Happy Apple Acres Roadside Stand

Douglas, NB

News & Notes

October 28 2020

 We are just about wrapped up for the year but still have apples (Cortland and Russet, with a few Gala and Sandow) at the carport.


Happy Apple Acres

Note:   We do not have a U-Pick because most of our trees are quite tall (up to 18 feet in height)--too tall for safe picking for all but experienced pickers.


October 15, 2020
Cortlands, McIntosh, Sandows, and Russets are all available at the carport.
September 19, 2020
The Macs are ready!  We'll be making cider next week to celebrate!
September 9, 2020
First day of school for many kids this year!  
And we now have honey at the carport available for sale from local blossoms (everything in the Douglas area).  In part due to the shortage of water this year, it is a strong, relatively dark honey.
September 7, 2020
We are now at the road on the weekends and Burt, Angus and Tammy will be pleased to help you make a selection. 
You can still stop off at the carport and pick up your apples with our contact-free system.
August 11, 2020

In our carport, we have a refrigerator with Lodi apples cool and waiting for you!  We use them for early applesauce and for a mild marmalade. 

We are in harmony with attempts to limit the spread of CoVid 19.   

Transfer the apples you want to a plastic bag or your own container, replace the price tag in the empty container, and leave  your payment in the indicated place.  If you need change, ring the doorbell.  [Sorry, no debit machine yet]. 


We cannot believe that it is almost the end of October already! 

There are still big, beautiful Cortland apples, as well as Russets, available at the carport at 1092 Route 105, beside Currie Mountain.

Macs and Honey Crisp?  Sorry, we are sold out of most of our varieties this season

We are just about finished picking for the season and have been delighted--and so grateful--to all who have come for apples

We hope for good memories for everyone out there during this very weird year we are having.  May you find healthy ways of staying connected with those you love and cherish.


Throughout the Season:  At the carport 

During the Season: At the road (Highway 105 beside Currie Mountain) on the weekends

We are located on Route 105, just 12 km from downtown Fredericton